Ezra Taft Benson
Ezra Taft Benson [13th President Of LDS Church]
Born On: 08-04-1899
Died On: 05-30-1994
Testimony "As a special witness of Jesus Christ, and as His humble servant, it is now my obligation and privilege, as the Spirit dictates, to bear pure testimony and witness to that which I know to be true. (See Alma 4:19.) This I will do." "I testify that we are the spirit offspring of a loving God, our Heavenly Father (see Acts 17:29; 1 Ne. 17:36). He has a great plan of salvation whereby His children might be perfected as He is and might have a fullness of joy as He enjoys. (See 1 Ne. 10:18; 2 Ne. 2:25; Alma 24:14; Alma 34:9; 3 Ne. 12:48; 3 Ne. 28:10.)" "I testify that in our premortal state our Elder Brother in the spirit, even Jesus Christ, became our foreordained Savior in the Father's plan of salvation... [more]
Marion G. Romney
Marion G. Romney [President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles]
Born On: 09-19-1897
Died On: 05-20-1988
Before his call to be an Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Romney was an assistant prosecuting attorney in Salt Lake City. He had previously worked for the post office. He also was elected to the Utah state legislature in 1934 as a Democrat. While running for the state legislature he accepted a call as a bishop from his stake president, Bryant S. Hinckley. Due to his election to the state legislature his ordination as a bishop was delayed until after the end of the legislature's term, in April 1935. While in the legislature Romney had been a key figure in writing Utah's Liquor Control Law... [more]
Heber J. Grant First Presidency
Heber J. Grant First Presidency [7th Presidency of LDS Church]
Born On: 11-23-1918
Died On: 05-14-1945
David O. McKay
David O. McKay [9th President of LDS Church]
Born On: 09-08-1873
Died On: 01-18-1970
Tesitmony "Jesus' teachings may be applied just as efficaciously to social groups and national problems as to individuals, if men would only give them a trial. In our efforts to develop true manhood, we must accept Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Light of Humanity. In that Light man sees his way clearly. When it is rejected, the soul of man stumbles in darkness. It is a sad thing when individuals and nations extinguish that Light-when Christ and His Gospel are supplanted by the law of the jungle and the strength of the sword. The chief tragedy in the world at the present time is its disbelief in God and His Goodness... [more]