About Us

First and foremost, this site is for everyone!

Beyond that, this site focuses on The Constitution, The Declaration of Indepenence, The United States, and what LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) leaders and scholars say about upholding the freedoms and liberties that once made this country great.

The Talks, Speeches, Books, and Commentary found in this site reflect how we feel, and strengthen our testimony in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that Joseph Smith's prophecy, that the Constitution would falter and that this people would be the ones to bear it up - but we also are trying to answer Cleon Skousens' question of if we're ready. Do we know enough, can we ever learn enough, are we strong enough to bear up the Constitution?

By education, study, prayer and knowledge of current events we hope to help anyone who has a desire to listen and learn, to more fully understand our position in bringing about the rescue of the Constitution and helping our once Great Nation to be great again.

The purpose of this site is to help those who have trouble locating documents, or references to have a simple central location to find information specific to this topic. We also want to create a community to join in freindship and common interest that will strengthen all involved!

This site is always changing, and new content is added as quickly as can be, but it takes contributions and support from you, the user. As the site evovles into the vision of it's creator - it will be more and more accessible for you, the user to add, edit, and comment on the content on the site. Something everyone can be proud of and feel a part of!

Thank You!

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